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Customer retention

Hi all,

One issue about customer retention through professional service is on my mind.

How well a product or how well your after sales service what is it that works best when it comes to customer retention? I am eager to know since I am selling a concept and thus getting them again and again on board is a difficult task.

They already have tasted the product and I wish to give them more from time to time.

Kindly share your opinions on the same..


bishika;sm - by bishika
Hi ,
I beleive ,In Concept sale where as we are selling Intangible product. to ensure repeat bussiness one need to sell himself or herself before sellling a product or customer accept the product . i mean customer must accept the salesperson before accepting a product ....which is turn lead to Third party selling / Reference selling and repeat Bussiness ...
To be more specific based on procuct and Product life span

Happy Selling
Sanjay Khadve - by Sanjay Khadve
Good Morning,

The key is believing in your product and what you sell. What you have to do it give the buyer / client a sense of gratification. what are the benefits of using your product savings, efficiency, quality, etc... - by jmassiatte
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