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Setting Appointments / Gatekeeper dilemma

Good day!

I've started an internet marketing consultant company that focuses on getting leads and for local companies by video, email, SMS and search engine marketing strategies.

At the current moment, I'm targeting doctors, dentists, physiotherapists & chiropractors. My problem is, they all have receptionists (aka Gatekeepers) -- and it's hard to get the actual decision maker on the phone.

I ask the GK, "Are you the person I would talk to about your marketing?".

So far, I've been getting, "<person> does, but he's busy", "call back later", "not interested".

Is over-the-phone cold calling an efficient way to contact these oh-so-busy practitioners?

Or is over-the-phone cold calling best left for companies with more accessible people? LOL

I also tried going right into my script, with the same result:
Hi, is this the dentist office?

Hi, my name is <name> and I'm from <company>, and we specialize in online marketing.

We work with dentists in <city> to get NEW clients from the internet.

Now, I noticed that your dentist office is missing out on the hundreds of potential new clients each month from the internet by not implementing certain techniques online.

And, well, I'd like to show you how to pick up those extra clients!

So, how about we setup a 20 minute appointment next week
where we can talk about developing new strategies to get you guys more customers.

Do you have an opening for Monday at 10 am?
Thanks for your input! - by JeepWrangler
Wouldn't you be better off using the marketing methods you are trying to sell to them....to sell to them.

I'm assuming you are doing something like 10 x 10 x 4 Main street marketing?

Use those methods to get customers?

Those methods DO work I take it? - by helisell
I've been doing marketing for small businesses for over a year now, mainly working with Real Estate (including Moving companies).

I've had success with Real Estate because agents answer their own phones.

I'm not too familiar with 10x10x4 and Main Street Marketing, but after a quick Google search, I believe you're talking about Video marketing. Indeed, I do some video marketing.

However, it's rare that a dentist would search up "dentist in <city>". What I'm trying to accomplish is get to the decision maker and past the gatekeeper.

My question more or less revolves around gatekeepers. - by JeepWrangler
No...the idea is that you create a video lead page for customers looking for the local dentist.

You set up that video website to capture leads.

Then you sell that website to the dentist.

The best way to sell to people who don't take their own calls is to video your sales presentation to them. Either 'live' or as a desktop presentation.

Get a dvd cover designed professionally. Put the material onto the dvd and send it to the business principal.

You'll need a snappy 'benefit laden' headline on the dvd cover to make sure they view it (you can do all this on audio cd too of course)

You'll wow them with this approach because it is so different.

And it works

Good luck - by helisell
Ah, wicked helisell. Thanks for the idea!

I did the same thing for pizzerias, albeit it wasn't DVD's, it was just emails to a video presentation.

But great idea! - by JeepWrangler
Im impressed!

Specifically with hellisell. He gives great advice that not many people are able to provide as there are few people aware of these type of strategies. I was just about to suggest the same or similar.

People are tired of recieving emails or cold calls offering web services. Stand out. Why not invest your time in developing a web site such as www.teethwhiteningnewyork.com - use your skills to rank it no 1 in google - you can do that can't you?

Once you have done that, you email or call every cosmetic dentist and offer them a space on the site or the whole site. Let them know you have approached 20 cosmetic dentists.

They will be biting your hand off to get to you. You have now turned the traditional subservient supplier/cold caller relationship to one of specialist provider with a valuable service to offer.

Change your perspective and change your results.


Peter - by peter-odonoghue
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