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What is it about sales that attracts you

List the 3 main reasons for being in sales - by Doc1111
In no particular order;

1. Money
2. Challenge
3. Learning - by MrCharisma
well, i am a bit disappointed that there is only one reply.:sa
The number 1 attraction should be MONEY
The number 2 attraction should be WINNING
The number 3 attraction is to be the number 1 SALESMAN

Any comments out there?????:cu - by Doc1111
If you already know the three reasons.....why are you asking?? - by helisell
Off the top of my head I would say:
  1. Freedom
  2. Challenge
  3. Income
I personally value Freedom (freedom of action, choice, etc.) above Challenge (pursuit of a desired outcome) and Challenge above Income (specifically what income can do for me beyond providing for the necessities of living such as lifestyle, retirement, etc.).

I would add that for me the opportunity to serve others along with the non-financial rewards that come from a job well done are expected with any occupation I might choose to pursue which is why neither is listed as something that attracts me to sales. - by Jeff Blackwell
If you already know the three reasons.....why are you asking??
I think he was giving a quiz.

An awful lot of "should" in the answer. A good word to remove from one's vocabulary.

I am attracted to sales because I am very good at it. I am attracted to sales because I enjoy it. I am attracted to sales because I make very good money at it. - by Gary A Boye
1. Because it is exciting to be rewarded in proportion to one's efforts and skill level.

2. Because, when you become good at it, you no longer have a boss (you become the boss)

3. It is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. - by helisell
What is it about sales that attracts you?

Sales does not attract me at all, in fact sales is for people with rocks in their heads. I find sales very difficult to do ... selling! Yuk!!! Can't stand sales at all.thmbdn2;

There is so much rejection, no thanks, not interested, call me another time, not at this stage and the list goes on and on ... sales, who needs it?

Then there are those people who judge you all the time, people who do all sorts to dodge you, people who don't care, people are too busy about what's in it for themselves and want better deals ... Very few go out of their way to make you feel you are worthy ... And if only people would do as they say they would then I would be attracted to sales.

Sales .... Yukkity yuk yuk yuk ...

I would be really attracted to sales if it weren't for people, especially those we have to talk to ...

Sales does not attract me at all ...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Oppps! Just kidding!!!!!!!!thmbp2;

I love sales ... especially when things are going really good for me and I am on a roll ...

What really attracts me to sales ... is where my passion is directed:
  • Fun - If you aren't having fun you must be doing something wrong!
  • Focus - This is when you appreciate this incredible opportunity we have.:dun
  • Fulfillment -This is pay day. Quality of life. Yada yada yada
  • Freedom - Financial and Personal.
  • Friendship - With clients and colleagues.
  • Families - Clients, colleagues and my own.
  • Respect for those who keep me going - clients and their families ... as well as for the industry and those who make very strong commitments to what we are about.
  • Problem Solving - Others and more particularly my own (especially if what I am selling is not being sold)
  • Personal Development - Need that character challenge to keep up the enthusiasm
  • Winning - Not just in making the sale but also in walking away from a sale in the true knowledge you are doing the right thing for that client ...
  • Losing - Sales or losing at anything for that matter ... makes one learn to "sharpen the saw!"
  • Trying - Is good for people who give up easily.
  • and much much more ...
That was a very good question and I could not help but share my thoughts ...
Enjoy your day, live with passion, have fun and next time you sit in front of a prospective