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Blueprint for Selling

Do you have and work from a blueprint for selling? - by Community Mailbox
Do you have and work from a blueprint for selling?
I don't have a generic blueprint. However, that metaphor would describe the intense preparation and devised plan that goes into any specific sales campaign I engage in. Preparation, in my opinion, is THE most important skill in selling. - by Gary A Boye
Do you have and work from a blueprint for selling?
If by "blueprint" you mean a document which outlines a framework or plan of action and guiding principles then "Yes" I do have and strive to work from a blueprint for selling. Doesn't everyone?

One more thing, in my opinion the work that goes into developing the blueprint is as important if not more important than the blueprint itself. - by Jeff Blackwell
In my opinion "Blueprint" would mean structure. It would mean always putting the same 2x4 in the same corner each time you build the structure because, if you don't nothing else will fit properly.

I see sales as being much more creative. A sale is more like putting puzzle together. Also, my technique must change with every prospect and with each client I service. Otherwise I am just an order-taker. - by MPrince
Since the product I sell (motorcycles, ATVs, Power Equipment) tends to have some individuality to it I find it best to approach each potential customer with 2 open ears so I can customize my presentation to their specific wants and needs determined by their answers to my probing questions. Then, win or lose, I review the process and make mental changes to the generic "blueprint". - by DaveM
A blueprint is a design to follow that gives structure and stability. I do follow guidelines or structure. I have my greeting, appointment setting, and information gathering time, diagnostics, discovery of more wants and needs that help the client, I then find a solution that is in their best interests, presentation of the solution and price, authorization, start and completion of the task or tasks, collecting, thank the client. I am still not complete at this time I call in a week to see how my client is doing and feeling about their purchase and then I send them a thank you card with a coupon. Then I get in contact with them again in twelve months if not before that time and set a follow up appointment.
This is my blueprint for success.

I do not always follow that order however those items will always be found with each and every sale I complete or participate. My lost sales are treated as well as my completed sales. My phone calls to this type client always surprise them and separate me from my competition. They remember a phone call from the guy who did not get the sale and I get another opportunity to serve him or her in the future. It is difficult to imagine the number of thank you, any one can receive with a simple follow up to make sure their problem has been taken care of in a satisfactory way when it was someone else that did it.

This is all done to the personality ,mood and motivating factors that the client exhibits. - by rich34232
If having a "track to run on" is the same as having a blue print for selling then Yes I do operate with a blue print for selling.

By using the "start from the end and work backwards principle" helps lay the foundation for the preparation required to ensure you know what you need to do, where you are going and how you are going to get there.

In his book "The E Myth" Author Michael Gerber talks about systems (amongst other things) and I submit that a blueprint for selling is a system based upon having an organised system of thought.

Reminds me of the saying ... A person without an organised system of thought will always be at the mercy of the person who does have an organised system of thought.

One will always get a job whilst the other will always be the boss.

Let's not forget the almighty powerful clause that goes with having systems, blueprints, plans etc ... They all mean nothing if we fail to do the obvious ... Taking massive action!

Take action have fun and be good to one another ... go ahead and make your day.
Chris - by teknacool
Having a road map or strategy to follow on any call is key.
Just as a GPS can calculate