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What is the difference between education and training?

In her book, "Sales Training Basics", Angela Siegfried wrote:
"Contrary to popular belief, there is a vast difference between educating and training. Sharing information and increasing someone's product or industry knowledge is education. Taking that knowledge and shaping into a skill is training."
How would you describe the difference between Sales Education and Sales Training? - by Community Mailbox
First of all I don't share Ms. Siegfried's view that education and training are not popularly differentiated.

I believe that education has a much broader field of references than "training" which is often focused on proprietary, or specific, methodology or philosophy.

If a person truly devotes him or herself to education in sales, that person would probably achieve a much higher level of understanding. With that understanding he/she would be much better equipped to evaluate training programs or trainers. - by Gary A Boye
I want to comment further on this topic.

The intrinsic issue is LEARNING, more so than either education or "training."

If someone asked me whether I had been trained in sales, I would correctly steer my response to the fact that I am educated in sales--that I have learned from experience, observation, study, and being exposed to people who had a real grasp of the nature of selling.

Have I taken formal "training?" Yes--absolutely, because I took charge of my own education in sales years ago. So I chose some programs carefully that I felt would further my learning.

One of the problems with education in our Western culture is that there seems to be an emphasis on students' performance over their learning. Not enough empty minds. We see this in both elementary and high schools. In personal development and sales training, including public speaking their often exists a "Go to the head of the class" syndrome.

If we take charge of our own education and truly believe in its importance, we will generally distance ourselves from the majority.

A side note: One of the books on business that has had major impact in the last ten years is Good to Great by Jim Collins. Collins is an educator, not a "trainer." - by Gary A Boye
Well....training is merely a way of learning.

It is just one of many 'methods'.

One method would be to continue doing the wrong things...until, in an evolutionary sense, one 'learns' to do the right things.


Responding in a slow and relaxed manner to a customer objection is a good thing..yes?

Knowing that fact is knowledge.

Being able to react in that correct manner can be achieved by training (usually training oneself by rehearsing)...which results in learning...to do it correctly - by helisell
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