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cold call script advice

Hello, I'm just after some feedback regarding my cold call script. The call is a follow up to an introduction letter/email sent a couple of days prior, so the prospect may be already expecting our call. Some advice on the effectiveness of the script and whether any changes/improvements should be made would be appreciated.

Hi Mr/Mrs… this is <MY NAME> from <COMPANY>, you and I haven’t spoken before do you have a moment to talk?

As you’re probably aware <COMPANY> specialises in high quality digital copy, print and scan products specifically for <PROSPECTS INDUSTRY>. We’ve been doing this for over 24 years and the top 3 issues we’re consistently hearing from other <PROSPECTS JOB TITLE> are;

- Excessive service costs
- Frequent printer breakdowns reducing office productivity
- And poor after sales service

We’ve recently helped <NAME OF CURRENT CLIENT IN SAME INDUSTRY> plus many others solve these issues.

The purpose of my call is to first see if you would be interested in knowing how we did this, and to arrange a suitable time to meet. I have some time next <DAY> at <TIME> for an initial appointment, does this fit in with you schedule or would you prefer a different time? - by sales_ace
My approach has been a little different and it has worked very well for my company. We start out with
Hello, this is Mike, [optional - you and I haven't met yet] maybe you can help me out for a moment - or - I'm hoping you can help me out for a moment.
- How can I help or what is this about -
I'm just calling to see if you'd be open to a new perspective on ... (specific problem you believe they have & you solve)

This works well for us it is different than the standard sales pitch. Give it a try and let me know hoe it works for you.

Hope it helps-
Mike - by nikecol
Sales Ace.

I'm willing to bet that they put the phone down in about 10 seconds flat.....right?

The script breaks every rule ever written about prospecting.

Just google for cold call script and you'll find better material in a few minutes.

You need to make some really drastic changes I'm afraid - by helisell
I get it. This script was given to us by a renowned sales expert who has been training us for the past few weeks, and we've been told to use this script. I was skeptical at first, but given he is highly regarded I figured who am I to question his methods. What I was doing before worked well enough, but this guy was promising 4 appointments out of 10 calls if we could perfect the script. Only problem is he is an old guy (nothing against old people) so I figure these tactics might have worked 40-50 years ago, but today? I like the short, sharp, straight to the point approach that was working well (enough) before.. I sounded confident. Should I trust my own instincts and abandon his script or resign my will and methods to his expertise? - by sales_ace
When in doubt, test. A test is worth a ton of opinions. Also make sure you are consistent in your testing. Use the same method for a week or several days. When we make changes we generally only change one aspect of the call at a time. That way we can pinpoint what words work and which don't.

What works for others might not work for you.

Our approach is different that many and it works for us. We reduce pressure and disarm the prospect. We've tried 100's of calls / styles on 1000's of calls to get better and we are always open to new ideas.

We are not about "get the appointment" and then decide if we can help. Mostly we try to determine if they benefit from our service and are they open to looking at alternatives or new ideas about... If they aren't open to new ideas we move on. We don't want to waste their time if we can't solve a problem that they perceive is important. (Even though we think it is.)

Also, I will explain this to the prospect if I feel push back or "what are you selling" type of push back.

Literally "I'm sorry if I gave you that impression. My goal isn't to convince you to buy something. I'm not even sure if we can help you yet. My thought was to see if there are some particular issues related to.... That I could help you solve."

We don't get as many appointments but we get a higher close rate because our meeting are with prospects that are better suited to benefit from our solution.

Our appointment rate is 7% our close rate is tracking at 12% up from 5% ( just FYI our average sales cycle is 16 weeks). - by nikecol
I wouldnt ask them if they have a moment to talk. This is an invitation to a flat out "No".

Instead I would state something like:
I understand that you are a busy person wi I will make this brief...

or somethign along those lines. - by salesfist
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