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Timeshare Resale Closers !

I would like to hear from anyone thats in or been in this business. Can you give details on what the position entails? I think they may expect you to one call close. Im not sure if youre supposed to try and get money to list the Timeshare or try to buy it cheap and resale through the company etc... I see several companies always trying to hire closers with experience only. I think they use fronters to make initial contact and then T.O. them to the closer. - by bobster999
I was once at a timeshare meeting so that I could get a free vacation out of it.

I must tell you that the meeting that I went to used some heavy "boiler room" sales tactics to try and get my wallet to open.

Basically you are given a "guide" to help you through the meeting, then once that is done the guide will try to pre-close you.

Once that step is done the "closer" will play hardball with you. If that doesn't succeed they will send in the manager to finish the job.

They never did close me though...

I presume that there is good money in that type of sales. However, I wasn't comfortable with how it was handled.

I would expect some high turnover though... probably why they are always looking for more closers... - by salesfist
No thats not the same. Im referring to resales that they do over the phone. Thanks anyway. - by bobster999
Over the phone sounds like it would be a tough sale... - by salesfist
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