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phone calling old time cold customers

Hello Everybody!

I am a rookie in this sales business and id like a bit of advice with a situation im facing:

Since in rookie and i have low sales ratio, my Supervisor has gave me a list of innactive customers, people who hasnt made a purchase for at lease 6 months, this products are nutritional supplements, GNC style, he has told me that he has made a bit of calls from that list and the people are pretty much cold about the products, they are like completey new customers that doesnt knows about our products, so i would like a bit of advice on what kind of script shoud i follow to invite them to purchase products once more, and even to let me give them a demonstration to "refresh" their memory about our products

this innactive customer lists varies from six months, all the way up to 10 years! as well, im informed that i will end up looking for customers who has passed away, and i must invite whoever picks up the phone and is a close relative to become a customer like their relative did when he/she was alive, so i need some good advice from the pros.

i am aware that in order for my call to be attractive i need to offer them something that will benefit them, but, as well, i need a good hook to catch their attention, i have my hopes up on this, since its the little bump i need to launch my salesman carrer, i will appreciate any kind of advice! thanks for your time reading this

-salesrookie - by salesrookie
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