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Contacting potential clients the 2nd/3rd time

If you contact them at least 3 months later do you think you will be equally or less successful than if you contact new potential clients then? If less approximately by how much? - by fljs83
Like so much in life... it depends on the situation.

One situational factor could be the "buying cycle". For example, if the average buying cycle from need recognition to need satisfaction is seven (7) days then a ninety (90) day follow-up call wouldn't appear to be the best timing. - by Jeff Blackwell
Not sure what the buying cycle was on the service that I sold (be on the first page of the Google maps guaranteed in writing for a year). I just went on the assumption that every 3 months a business financials change and at that point it is worthy to contact them again. Any thoughts on this and what the possible business cycle is for the service I sold? - by fljs83
I do not know enough about your business to offer an opinion. - by Jeff Blackwell
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