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I don't know if it is networking but I got many sales deals by cold messaging people off of LinkedIn - by fljs83
What does "networking" mean to you? - by Jeff Blackwell
Networking means to ask someone to join your network, asking them if they know they have available, etc. I don't think cold e-mailing is networking. - by fljs83
How you choose to contact prospective members of your network is up to you. More than a couple of the people in my network reached out to me via cold calling. With that said, what I view as a "network" and what you view as a "network" may be two different things. - by Jeff Blackwell
No, I mean contacting people outside of your network on LinkedIn. You can (or at least used to be able to) contact people not in your network if they were in the same group as you. - by fljs83
Cold calling people outside of your network in pursuit of sales deals sounds like cold calling, not networking. I imagine Linkedin isn't keen on the practice. - by Jeff Blackwell
"Your network determines your net worth"

I think networking is simply adding more people to your "Who Do I Know" list. The more people you way, the better. - by Faizalnisar
Networking is having common interests and being able to help with advice or in any other way - that's what networking is for me - by SEOmarketing
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