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Pursuing a sales job

I left the sales job where I made 200k+ in sales over a 1 year period (also my first year of sales). Plus I was recently promoted to sales manager. I left this job to pursue a non sales job that didn't work out (and only lasted 5 weeks). I want to pursue a sales job again and don't plan to put this non sales job on my resume due to the length of it and because it didn't work out. If on an interview, the sales job interviewer asks me why did I leave my sales job, what do I say so there are no red flags? - by fljs83
My advice would be to be completely honest and transparent. If you don't then:

1) Your pre-interview preparation will be plagued by thoughts of your ommission and this will detract from your preparation for the interview.

2) Your will be uncomfortable in your interview as you inwardly dread that difficult question

3) If asked you will have to resort to lieing which will always get found out.

Look at the facts - you were a fantastic producer who was hugely succesful. Explain what your reasoning was behind the move. Were you dissatisfied with working conditions, wanted more out of life e.t.c...

You are missing the positives. You were a huge success and tried something else and now you want to get back into sales. As long as your motivations for getting back into sales are not based on it being the last resort, then your reasons will stack up.

The days of working for a company for life have long gone and people appreciate that employees have more life choices. Don't fear your gap. Use it as you would in a sales situation and turn your percieved weakness into a reason why they should buy into you. - by peter-odonoghue
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