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Facilitator Exercises

Being a facilitator/trainer/learning and development manager, I am always looking for new games and exercises to keep my audience enjoying themselves and learning at the same time.

Do you have any exercises or videos that you have found useful and are willing to share?

I have found it most challenging when dealing with 'Attitude' and creating exercises around it. While most of my training has games and role playing sessions, I have found Attitude turns more into a lecture style of learning.

The modules I cover is 'Foundations' (of selling), 'Attitude', 'Being Proactive', 'Discovery', 'Recommend', 'Ask'.

Warm up exercises are also welcomed and I'm happy to share what I do if anyone else looking. - by MrCharisma
I'll start the ball rolling with this;

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

While simple, I find this as an effective summary or light hearted test/recall from your participants. This game does not suit all situations, however; should you be facilitating updated product knowledge this definitely fits.

The game itself includes the music that we all know and love.

I print out A B C D on a sheet of paper (A B on one side, C D on another) and get the team to answer the questions silently by holding their answer against their chest.

I feel this works if you separate the room so there is minimal chance of participants viewing each others answers. - by MrCharisma
I use this exercise to demonstrate The Ultimate Success Formula.

Give each participant a box of matches and get them to set out the layout above. The objective is to have two squares that are not touching after removing eight match sticks.

It is handy to have an assistant or two depending on your group size. You or your assistant will circle the room and clap when a participant removes a correct match stick and remain silent when an incorrect match stick is removed. After the participant gets the correct answer, get them to mess up their match sticks and assist. Eventually you will have your entire team clapping or remaining silent over one final person.

I use this exercise that there is no failure, only feedback and when something isn't working for you, stop trying to do the same thing over and over and just pick up a different match stick.

In life and especially in sales, when a sales person isn't generating success they often attempt to keep doing the same thing they are currently doing but often with more enthusiasm. - by MrCharisma
So I'm assuming there are no other trainers/facilitators in this group? - by MrCharisma
HRDQ has some great games and resources for training seminars...

http://www.hrdqstore.com - by CoachMaria
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