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Future Car Salesman in need of REAL HELP (IMPORTANT!)

Hello folks I cannot find an introduction section so my name is Michale and I'm starting a car sales job next week in CA. I do not have any sales background at all and I never sold any cars before. I joined this forum to learn advice from the pros and to ask help from any car sales people out there!

Training will be provided of course but never the less i'm still doing my homework no matter what (im sure all of you can agree this is dedication) I'd like to ask the car sales peeps out there to train me here how to sell in technical terminologies

1. When i sell a car what is the form I and the customer fill out? How many forms are there? If more than one why more than 1, different payment options and different for each car perhaps?
2. When filling out payment plans / financing what are the forms called?
3. How do i asses the calculation of financing / payment/ credit etc?
4. What is the computer software program that is used to check for credit etc? what are the different types of programs used and for what?
Please any one out there just teach me about the trade in details here in the forum. As u can see i;m in need of technical knowledge bad. My goal is to be successful and any salesman knows that this kind of research is gold
Thank You Much

PS: I start next week!!!!!! HELP!! - by sales guy
I believe that the training you are looking for here will be provided by the company that hired you and should be something that you will pick up relatively quickly.

Perhaps your time would be better spent looking for information here about the selling process.

I would also suggest you read the books of Joe Girard. While I have never sold cars, I learned a lot from his books. He is in the Guinness Book of World Records as being the best salesman of all time, and he sold cars.

Jon - by thesalesgiant
Good luck in your new career.

My tip is a simple one. Learn to ask more questions... use open ended questions and filter your questions until you understand your customers perception of value. - by MrCharisma
Welcome to the Biz!

I've been selling cars for about 2 1/2 years now. One of the best resources I've found was Dale Carnagie's "how to win friends and influence people". Find it and read it ASAP.

Good luck! - by ne2crds
Hi Sales Guy. I sell cars and was interested in responses to your post. I did notice from the date of your post that it has been a year since it was put up. How is your car sales career going? - by tglover
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