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What is a good cold call to appointment ratio?

I'm wondering among the experts here what is a good cold call to appointment ratio in B2B? I know it probably varies from industry to industry but lets say the call is completely cold and you've made no prior contact/attempt to develop the account.

I would think the average salesperson might set 1 appt for every 10 calls, and the high performance salesperson might set between 3 - 7 out of 10. I know these are vague figures but does this sound about right?

Would an email or letter to the PDM prior to the call significantly boost your chances of success? - by sales_ace
You are right that the numbers depend totally on what you are calling about and whom you are calling.

I work with high value software and i tend to find my ratio is 200 calls to 15 conversations to 1 appointment.

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Everyone's ratio is different for sure....my clients have found that it can be as high as 5%, or as low as 3%. But 1 appointment for every 200 calls, would be .05%.....that would be very disappointing and very difficult to keep working the telephone.

My goal is to make 20- 25 calls per day and by the end of the week have 5-6 new appointments from that effort. LinkedIn has actually helped me warm up my cold calls and improve the ratio. - by Paulette Halpern
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