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Door to door sales, what is the best product?

I've sold various products or services door to door and I'm wondering which products are the most lucrative.

In my experience the top earning door to door product is selling roofs. The pay can range from as little as 30,000 to as much as 500,000 if there is a storm in the right area.

Anyone else know of lucrative products or services to sell door to door? - by cs80918
Energy - selling electricity and natural gas supply to homes is an emerging trend in certain states.

Related - I represent a company who may be looking to source a 3rd party relationship with an outsourced sales company who manages door to doors sales for their clients...Sounds like you are an expereinced Door to door sales rep...Are there cerrtain D2D companies (e.g., SKycom, etc.) that you have worked for or recommend. - by mbbou812
I've worked for skycom at one time, it was decent. I was selling ATT broadband services.

Satellite tv sales were strong for many years if you were smart enough to work the DMA'S that just got local channels. I called it easy money.

If there are still opportunities like this I'd like to know. Right, now this businesses are not fantastic, but you can still do okay.

I use the fact that I need to maximize my potential right now, to motivate myself to work as hard as I can now, because you never know when the rug will be pulled out from you and you might think it is hard now, but years or months later you could be wishing it was as good as now. That being said as a sales person you should always try to maximize your time be selling the most lucrative products/services possible, so keep looking for new opportunities.

If I catch a train ride like that again, I'm going to latch on to it with all my might. - by cs80918
In any sales area, my feeling is that the best product is "leading edge"; rather than "bleeding edge" where you need to explain what the technology means; or "mature" where the market is saturated and very competitive. - by TonyB
I sell D2D Home Security. Started with Pinnacle, then APX and just opened a Dealer for Safe Home a few months ago. Started well although its in Maine so "Cold Knocking" is much more literal now. Its around 40 degrees these days and dec to feb it stays below 20 every day.
I always stuck with the advertising approach for new customers and sold on upgrading equipment for takeovers. Although I always felt that security sales d2d is one of the most rapport based sales industries around. I often throw the "Pitch" to the curb and favor just building a relationship with the customer. Usually they open up quickly after that and become very receptive. Everyone's different but I've never been a pusher, im a soft seller and rapport allowed me to be invited in instead of having to push my way in.

What has worked for you?

Have you sold alarms using any other methods besides d2d? - by TSteves1
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