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Just Started in IT Sales

Hi Guys,

I have just as of Monday started a career with an IT company as a salesman. I will be selling various pieces of software and maintenance contracts.

However, the company I have started with are very hands on and believe in leaving salespeople to their own devices which I will no doubt appreciate once I have established myself. However right now I have had no guidance at all and am at a bit of a loose end. The package I am on is extremely good so I need to make this work, but I do not know where to start, how to approach prospects, etc.

I have spent the first few days reading up on the products offered and trying to get as much knowledge as possible, but now I would like to get going. I really need to know how to introduce myself to these customers, gain their interest and arrange visits. Not to sound like an amateur, I have worked in sales for 5 years, I have just never had such little guidance initially! - by DaveF81
If it were me, I would seek out assistance from people in your company who are consistently achieving the results you want with similar customers and offerings. One of the first pieces of information I would ask about is what, in their opinion, do their customers want and how do their offerings help their customers achieve it. That information would be key in the development of my approach. - by Jeff Blackwell
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