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Selling to CEO's and other high powered people

Are there any special rules when selling to high powered people such as CEO’s and managing directors? Should we treat them just like normal human beings and try to engage them in normal conversations (i.e. sport, weather etc) or are they entitled to special treatment by virtue of their status and more likely to buy from people who are of similar social standing and intelligence to themselves?

What are the differences between selling B2B and B2C at the conversation level when engaging decision makers? - by sales_ace
CEOS are busy people so you need to "know your song well before you start singing". You will need clear features and benefits of your product/service. CEOS will almost certainly want to negotiate price, so be prepared for that. They may also bring some other people from the company to listen to the sales pitch.

They will be concerned with the principle questions "what will your product/ service do for me?" and "what will be the return on my investment?".

They can spot BS a mile off, so if you don't know, find out and get back to them. They can also spot sales tactics and closing techniques, so don't be tempted to try anything "clever" when it comes to the close.

Other than that, they are human beings, same as all of us, most don't mind a bit of small talk and pleasantries so long as they get down to business in an efficient way.

That all said, there is no one single "template" for a CEO, each one is an individual person, and you will have to read every one of them uniquely as you deal with them. - by category management
Use numbers; think WIIFT (what is in it for them); use benefits and not features; use 3rd party as a confirmation that other see the value in dealing with you; ask open ended questions; ask for appointment; ask for appointment; and don't forget - ask for appointment!

Good luck with reaching C level executives! - by AlenMajer
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