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Where to start?

Hello, i recently got a job club promoting, basically just one of those guys handing out flyers in the street. But I am paid on commission only and we don't just hand them out we have to sell them. It is an event in southbeach, fifty for guys thirty for girls two hours open bar pre party then a limo down to a club with no extra cover.

Now large groups can get an extra limo ride down to the open bar party. The huge huge huge problem I am having is I go out ALL day promoting to groups of people, they also have my number on the card and I tell them they can call me. Many seem interested but not one shows up! I did well and got some huge groups at night (i've only worked the job for three days). So basically I am totally lost and need basic advice but with these key points.

1. These are walking up to random people sales (mostly groups of girls)
2. How can i sell something then have a delayed response from the customer (i.e. I sell it to them at 12 on the beach but they don't buy till nine that night
3.how can i get them to set up the limo pick up on the spot

Thanks so much for he help. sn; - by promoking
Somone once wrote, "Basically, this is what selling is all about - determining needs and skillfully relating your product's benefits to show how its purchase will fulfill customer's needs."

With that being said, what do your prospects want and how will attending your club help them achieve that? - by Jeff Blackwell
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