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Street Marketing

Street marketing is a form of marketing in which you are marketing your products or services through flyers, posters, billboards, ECT. You see these forms of advertisements and marketing every day when walking down the street or driving in your car. These are very effective forms of marketing due to people seeing the advertisements many times in a day or week, and after so many times of viewing the ads, they will subconsciously remember them.

Street marketing is also one of the cheapest forms of marketing your product or service. This holds true because of the vast amounts of places you can receive quality printing for your flyers or posters. You can also print your own flyers on your computer if you are looking for an even cheaper route. The flyers and posters will still have the same effect as the larger corporationís advertisements as long as your ads have a high quality design and are placed in areas where your potential clients will be.

While street marketing, you can also put in the footwork and walk up and down busy streets and talk to people and pass out business cards while talking to them. This is a good form of street marketing because you are connecting with the potential clients and make them feel as though they are important enough for you to be outside finding them and talking personally to them. - by Community Mailbox
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