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Trendsetter Marketing

Trendsetter marketing is a form of marketing in which you recruit a famous celebrity or sports athlete to use and help promote your product. This process will work very well for you if you are promoting on a larger scale, and can reach your target demographic with the “trendsetter” you are using to market your product or service.

A perfect example of trendsetter marketing is when you see celebrities in a commercial for Revlon makeup. Beyonce has been one of the various celebrities who have worked with Revlon creating commercials for their makeup products. When children who listen to Beyonce see the commercial, they are automatically drawn to it and want to get the product Revlon is offering due to their favorite celebrity being in the commercial. You also see trendsetter marketing with commercials such as Hanes with Michael Jordan, Pepsi with Ozzy Osbourne and various others.

Trendsetter marketing is a good choice for marketing your product or service if you have the financial backing for such a marketing campaign. Hiring any form of celebrity can get very costly, and if you do not feel that the price it costs for the celebrity to market your product will be lower than the amount you will make in return, then you should not look into this form of marketing. - by Community Mailbox
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