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Feature Stories (A form of free publicity)

Feature stories are one of the greatest ways to gain free publicity. Feature articles are when you write a story for an online or print publication. These articles generally have a section at the end of the article in which you can leave your name and website along with an email or phone contact for the readers to see. This form of free publicity is great because you will get your name in large amounts of areas due to the massive amounts of article directories and print publications that are always looking for someone to submit stories / articles.

Online article submissions are great because of the large amounts of websites that are online that are always looking for fresh content to put on their website for their readers, and they are looking for someone to write for them due to their lack of time to write their own articles. This is great because you can submit your articles to various websites and your links and contact information will instantly become seen by hundreds, even thousands of viewers daily depending on how many websites you submit them to. Print publications are great also because of the notoriety you will receive when your articles are published by publications that have high reputation in your local areas. - by Community Mailbox
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