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Deceptive sales techniques

Where should one draw the line when it comes to selling? Is slipping a brief sales pitch in at a social luncheon, which I am hosting, with friends or aquaintances a bit below the belt?

I personally have found this very tempting, yet cannot justify it. I feel relationships must come first and should not be jeoperdized by the urge to sell. I might feel deceived, or begin to entertain the idea of - 'Oh, so this is why I was invited today!"

I recently received a phone call from a well known Supermarket chain, informing me that my wife and I had won a voucher, which we could collect from the admin office in our suburb, during allocated hours. Excited, obviously, we made our way across to the office complex, only to find about 25 other couples sitting in a waiting area. Suspicion crept in.

When our names were finally called out, we were led into a large room filled with tables. Each table had a sales person with his/her brochure and papers, sitting opposite another bewildered looking couple.

After two minutes of trying to sell us a membership to their 'Club Med' type holiday company, the damage had already been done. I politely thanked the salesman, told him we werent interested, went over to the receptionionst and said she could hang onto the voucher. thmbdn2;

Its sad when the need to sell attempts to outweigh the value of integrity! - by RyanC
Someone once suggested that selling is finding out what people want and helping them get it. I did not detect any of that in the two examples you provided. - by Jeff Blackwell
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