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Help With Announcement

I own a small electrical contracting company. We have been around many years, but just recently joined two local Chambers of Commerce. Can anyone help me create a short announcement letter/note I can send to existing members to announce that our company joined their Chamber? - by sparky
I'd start with articulating why you've joined. What benefit does joining the CoC give you and how does it help your business. Does this in turn help your customers indirectly?

Tell people why you've joined and how you think its the right thing to do. - by andrew.hannigan
I have found with most networking events we try to paint with a huge brush. By this I mean we like to include everything in our elevator speech or letter informing the members how the company operates. The members remember nothing special about you or your company. The too much information to remember anything special syndrome with referral based groups.

Pick one thing that separates your company from the competition. An example would be your superior service, or warranty or commitment to excellence. Spend the time, letter on how this can help guide and influence the desired group you want to attract.

Over time your company’s efforts, mission statement and what you do will be described to the members of this group or ay referral based group you decide to join. It is easier to remember one special point then it is to remember 20 points of interest.
Have fun with this and enjoy your networking.
- by rich34232
You want to ALWAYS market yourself or your company with the purpose of creating the perception of differences, or series of differences, so that a sales engagement can be developed with these perceptions, and, hopefully, the differences will be favorable. - by Gary A Boye
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