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In Need of Advice

I am starting a new business and I see all of information on Sales 2.0, building a terrific website, whitepapers, blogs etc. I have a very limited budget (I look for all of the "free" I can get) and working by myself. I am thinking for now I may have to go to the "old school" of generating business- teleprospecting, sending what limited information have- just to get started until I have the time, money and experience to implement the above concerns. I would appreciate some advice on how to get started and the proper way to do it in 2010 (given the criteria above).

Thank you,
Chris Anderson
U.S. TeleServices - by chrisa16
You will succeed if you start on the right foot.

Here is the formula that equates to the right foot:
  1. Make the calls.
  2. Tell the truth.
Everything else in "teleprospecting" stems from there. The problem is it's too simple. So people look for other formulas and fail. - by Gary A Boye
Thank you Gary. I will implement this advice. When you are starting up (again) you need to know what the fundamentals are in today's sales landscape and your clarified my approach from years gone by! - by chrisa16
Prepare yourself with the right questions - best ones are based on benefits, however learn about trigger events, what can motivate your prospects to buy the service from you, what is happening right now within their companies, and make calls. Many of them :) - by AlenMajer
Hi Chris,
not sure how effective a website or social media will be in your market.
BUT, you did mention wanting to do these things for free.
There's a guy called Ed Dale who runs an event every year called "The Challenge". It's free and the concept is you start a website, get it on Google and get it ranked. It's really simple and put together with easy "how to" videos. So, if you want a website money should not be an obstacle.
By the way The Challenge for this year is 75% finished.
Just Google "The Challenge" it should come up.
I was thinking of putting in a link but not sure if I'm allowed to ?
Good luck - by Greg Woodley
Hey Chris,
In any small business, cash is definitely king. I would, however, recommend spending money where you need too. As small business owners, we often get into the Ebenezer Scrooge style of money management. As a result, we miss some great opportunities to encourage growth.

I think web2.0 is an awesome form of marketing, but in any small business, the old school guerilla marketing efforts are necessary.

That's my 2 cents.
Wes Herndon - by wesman70

Internet marketing, advertising, and sales involves work, but can be done without cash spent out of your pocket.

If you could do internet marketing yourself, do.

If not, try to find someone who is willing to do it for you based on some kind of promise of future payment; the challenge lies in convincing her/ him that you WILL pay if you make sales through her/ help in internet marketing.

Will it work for you?

Ganesan. - by ezynes
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