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Investor- Cold Calling Script

Hey guys it's been a while since ive been on here. I have been developing a new product with a family member and we have finished everything from the business plans to the PPm agreements. We are now at the stage of finding investors. We will be cold calling through a list of 5000 people who meet the accreditor "sec" guidelines. I would truly like your feedback on this script and how to make it better.

Our goal is to get a invenstor DVD out to these people and then we will follow up with a phone call to them a few days later.

Here is the script:

Hi _____(Investor name )_______ My name is __________ and I’m with Millions Forever LLC.

(Investor Name), I know you’re busy so I’ll make this quick. The reason I'm calling is to tell you about an incredible opportunity that gives you a 7% annual return on your investment, a 50% revenue share in profits after that, and tremendous ongoing returns for years afterward.
(Investor Name) What kind of return are you making with your current investments? (wait for answer). Yes, with today's economy it's almost impossible to get more than 2 or 3% return for even a $100,000 investment.

I’d like to briefly tell you about this opportunity and if it makes sense I’m going to send you out a free no obligation DVD. We call it our investor kit and it explains everything. Sound good (Investor Name)?

This opportunity we’re going to talk to you about on the DVD is what’s happening on the Internet across the world. Right now there are about 200 million domain names in existence and that number is going to grow to 500 million in about 4 years. Everyone is trying to cash in on making money with this Internet growth, but the problem is most of the solutions out there are too hard for every day people to understand and take advantage of.

That’s why Millions Forever LLC has solved this problem for anyone to make money working from home on the Internet. There’s no boss to report to, no special skills needed, they can work from home. In fact, did you know (name) that they make money even when they sleep!

This system has been working successfully for the past three years, and we’re getting ready to launch it worldwide. Our infomercial will start appearing on TV next Spring and we are raising capital for a limited time to help with this effort. Because of this limited time offer, we are offering an incredible proposal to select individuals like yourself, (investor name).

(Investor Name), our investor kit will tell you everything you need to know to help in our mass marketing effort and the incredible returns you can make with your investment. There is absolutely no obligation and we won’t bombard you with e-mail spam – we just want an opportunity to show you how you can make a much higher return than most other investments you have in today’s market.
Now, let me verify the information I have to mail your free DVD to…
You’re still located at (address), right?
Is this the best phone number I can reach you at? (if not, get the right number).
And could I have your e-mail address ... (we need this for the sign-in of the investor’s site).
(Investor Name), Thanks for your time, and I’ll give you a call in a few days to see what you think. (close it). - by smurge
well I see there has been 106 view son this. Does anyone have anything to add to it?

Im truly looking for constructive feedback here. - by smurge
Seems way too long. - by zeavran1
I thought it was too long too. I find if I work on a new campaign, the best is to make a few test calls, either from your list or to a friend/co-worker to help, and I find that it starts to happen, then I develop the script, which is always being tweeked. Keep to as few words as possible to get your message across. - by thenewsunrise
As soon as I hear the words "incredible opportunity" my mind shuts down and I am trying to find my way out of a conversation.

Before going into your sales pitch, how about talking about how you helped others, how they benefited, maybe to include a line or two of 3rd party experience, then ask few info gathering questions and use some non-threatening words like:
"depending on what you are doing now"... or "I might have something that could potentially increase.."...and then you can say "I would like to ask you a few questions to see if this is something you would like more information on."

Start the conversation, not a sales pitch, and you will see more success.

Golden rule here should be this: get information before you give it. - by AlenMajer
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