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needing resources for a less than common sales situation

Hi all. I'm a new user and i plan on doing some time on this forum and soaking up as much of its (incredible) value as I possibly can.

Here's my situation:

I'm 24 years old, I live in NYC and I've been blessed with a position of great moneymaking potential for this point in life and the opportunity to form limitless connections in the industry as well as the foundation for an incredible career in my chosen field of fashion.

I began working for David about a year ago as an intern. David Reeves Bespoke is a one (with me, two) man operation consisting of David and myself, his assistant. We make custom suits, jackets, trousers, overcoats and shirts and neckties only. We also offer a premium alterations service on outcall. Me and david split the profits from my sale down the middle (which is sizeable for me) and if I can sell the product for more than the usual price I get the bonus ... The price point is very low considering the incredible care and quality with which each garment is made. Costs are kept low by what I'm about to explain

The unusual part of the situation comes via the fact that we have no storefront. It is by appointment only doing majorly outcalls in the clientele's space or by appointment in the showroom of our fabric distributor, Dormeuil. This means that I have to acquire clients through word of mouth, so-called buzz and simply networking and meeting people who might be interested in the service.

After the order is taken it is given to the maker in brooklyn (trade secret) and it is produced usually within a month at which point we bring it to the customer for a series of 3 fittings.

The suits begin at an amazing $2,250 for a single breasted 2 piece suit. All of the edges are stitched by hand, as are the buttonholes. Its an english brand, with a savile row / mod styling; and It really is amazing.

The problem I've been having is in finding clientele. I've come here to ask for tips tricks and resources on networking and getting them into the showroom in the demographic for this field and acquiring clientele without a storefront ... It is a genuine luxury product. I've recently ordered my first suit and i expect that to be the greatest tool for the job aside from my noggin, which is why I've signed up here. - by DR_Bespoke

You could consider internet marketing. you can clients worldwide, and even sales agents who'd work for you across the world.

All the best,

Ganesan. :~) - by ezynes
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