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Commercial Insurance Cold Calling Script

Hey everyone, I'm looking for some help creating a cold calling script.

A bit of background about me first. I work in the insurance industry, not life/benefits but doing auto/home/commercial, I've recently joined our sales department specializing in Commercial Transportation (ie Trucking companies/fleets) because of the large premiums they command. A big problem that I've come across is that most of the books that I read recommend doing some background checking on the company first, which is hard to do because the majority of the trucking companies here are just local companies which have no websites and aren't really listed in any phone books. I've just been collecting phone numbers from trucks that I see driving around.

Because I'm still learning about all the underwriting for the insurance companies regarding commercial transportation, one of the top salesman at my company has offered to help me out with the meetings I set up (with me still getting the commision, but I would definately kick back something to him for helping) until I know enough about their insurance requirements to handle the meetings on my own. All I need to do is make the cold calls and set up the meetings.

So, I've been searching high and low through many books and especially through this website to find a simple sample script that I can borrow and try to adjust to my industry and career. Something that won't make me sound too salesman like. Thus far I've had no luck.

So I was hoping that there is someone out there that is in the same or similar feild that can help me out with this.
Here's what Ive found on this site so far that I think is really good and could possibly work. It was made by Smurge, sorry I dont know how to embed so I will just copy and paste what he wrote.

What to say to the Gatekeeper Script:

I was wondering if you could help me out with some information please? ( wait for response )

Are you the person I would talk to about your ( add product here ) ?
( If they say Yes. Ask for there name and move onto the appointment script... If NO go to next step )

Next step:

Great... Is ( Decision makers name ) Available?

I rarely and mean rarely have an issue getting to the decision maker using that opening.

Decision Maker Script

Hi ( Decision Makers Name ) my name is ___________. I'm calling from ( My Company Name ) here in Las Vegas. We are a 23 year old insurance broker that helps companies reduce the costs of their employee benefits and workers compensation rates. The reason Iím calling you today specifically is so I can stop by and tell you about our new supplemental health products and how they can reduce out of pocket costs associated with your current health plan while giving you added protection.
Iím sure that you like (A Company's Name You do business with) are interested in having better protection ? ( Wait for response )
That's Great !!!! We should get together!!!
Hows ( Day ) at ( Time ) ?

Is there anyone else that can possibly help me out with this? If you need any more information about me or exactly what it is that i do in more detail, i have no problem providing this information.

Thanks in advance to anyone who does/can help me out. - by indergrewal2004
The opening script (that you nicked) is absolutely brilliant....(yes brilliant)

The rest of it stinks though.

You need to focus on the customer.......not reeling off facts about how wonderful your company is....they've heard all this before....they'll put the phone down.

You need to ask some questions....like


Mrs customer can I ask you....if there was a REALLY EASY way to quickly reduce the cost of your employee benefits and workers compensation rates.....would you be open to discussing a couple of possibilities?

THAT'S a pro script.

. - by helisell

That's so simple and straight to the point, that's awesome! I can easily adapt that to what I'm doing right now.

Jed - by Jed01

So let me ask you a question Jed........

If I could show you some similar, 'really-easy-to-learn'
opening gambit scripts like this one, and it cost you hardly
anything at all, but increased your sales conversion rates
like crazy...........

Would you be open to discussing a few possibilities?

Jed....I'm joking of course....but look how easy it is to implement this into almost any script!

Mike shds; - by helisell
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