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Real Estate agent needs advice

I need help opening/closing a expired lead.

A expired lead is a number I will be cold calling and they had there house listed with another agent and it didn't sell so @ this point in time they probably hate all agents and don't want to hear from anyone (they will start getting a lot of calls once they expire)

My current opener/script I created:

Hi _____ this is ____ with company. How are you doing today?

I'm doing Great, thanks for asking!

the reason for my call is your house recently showed up as expired and here at company we specialize in getting the highest price for your home in the shortest amount of time. Have you considered re-listing your property?

any tips/ re do of a new script that you think might work? Im open to all!

freestyle from there cl2; - by richardgale
Try this (you probably won't)

Hi there my name is Richard....is the house still for sale?

Then go into the reason for the call.

Been using it for years with houses and cars/trucks.

. - by helisell
Thanks, I definitely will try it today!

For For Sale By Owners, I always start with "Are you offering out any commission to the buyers agent?" (after I introduce myself), kind of the same idea!

I love your response cant wait to try it, will let you know results in the next couple hours - by richardgale
Sorry for my (negative) Richard..

Just too many years showing people and them
not bothering to try it out.

I can see that you are not like that....good luck.

. - by helisell
Oh one thing.....don't introduce yourself until
after you've said 'is the house still for sale'

but you knew that anyway right?

. - by helisell
I didn't know that & don't worry about it. I'm about to finish getting all the numbers for the day and start calling, excited to try this out.

Also if you respond before I finish, do you have any suggestions for the context in between? Situational/probing questions. - by richardgale
Ok, so I wrote down exactly what happened on the calls that werent just hangup. I think it's me I need to learn how to be faster on what to say and not give up so fast (I'm not the best salesman but I will be one day)

start of all calls "hi i was calling to see if your house was still for sale?"

bad answer 1: no sir, no its not
me> have you thought about re listing it?
him> no sir we are not thank you bye

answer 2 : What is your reason for calling?
me> your home showed up on the mls as expired and I wanted to see if you were going to relist it.
her> if you have a buyer we will give you 3% commission but were not gonna list it because we would be losing money on it and on the house were going to buy

me> ok ty bye ( i know i shouldnt of gave up right therE!@#!@)

All the other people I get stuck in situation and they close me!!!! I need to learn how to have quick responses to get them where I need them - by richardgale
The line is....

Hi there my name is Richard....is the house still for sale?


You need to write down all the questions you think you should be asking them.

LOOK...why don't you just make the calls as if you are genuinely trying to help them in this difficult situation....you DO genuinely want ot help them don't you?

Start sounding like it....and you'll start seeing results.

Keep at it....chin up! - by helisell
Thanks for all this help! I'll let you know the results I get later today, gonna write down some questions right now - by richardgale
p.s. the problem I have is the people arent sure if I'm a realtor at first or what, so how do i design the questions around letting them know why im on the phone with them and what i can do .. hmm.. - by richardgale
The point of asking..."is the house still for sale"..is that you want them to have some small doubt about who you are.

In any case it makes sense to find out if it is "still for sale" before you explain why you are calling.

In fact...I would go further and ask some more questions before I explained who I was.

I see you had it for sale with (bloggs realtors) and I know that they usually do a pretty good job in your area so I was a little bit confused as to why it didn't sell, are there any particular problems with the house?

You DID get some viewings didn't you?
What were they saying about the house? Did they like it generally?

Questions along those lines.....at some point they will ask.....who are you?

That's when you explain who you are and how you think you may be able to help them.

You ARE able to offer something a bit different, special, unusual or creative in terms of helping them to sell the house aren't you?

If you can't do this then you'd better put your thinking head on and get some creative ideas going.

Or are you operating just like all the other realtors?

Go to your boss and say...boss.....what makes us special?

What can we come up with to help people sell their houses that makes us better than the competition?

Turn the bosses answers into some kind of benefits for the customers and make sure you tell them what those benefits are.

Good luck

. - by helisell
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