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Sales Motivation Training

I need some ideas or reference on how to motivate our sales people to change their attitude and mindset. Any ideas on any book that you can refer us to purchase and motivational ebooks.

Thanks for your help!

Paulus - by paulus
How highly trained are your salespeople.

You DO train them every single day don't you?

Pro sports people train every day, that's how they stay on top and perform at a high level and earn the big bucks. If THEY train every day....why don't YOU?

Pro sports people maintain a highly motivated state in the knowledge that the are really good at what they do.

That's what the training does for them.

My advice would be forget looking round for motivational material. Train them to be better and they'll stay motivated.

Oh one thing....have they had ANY training? or are you just relying on what is laughingly called 'natural ability'?

Just my .02p - by helisell
I believe that helisell got this right. Training every day creates high performance which does more to improve attitude than anything else.

There is, perhaps, one book that you may want to read that may help you understand the dynamics of motivation and satisfaction with one's work. Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi's "Flow" is an precise exploration of what motivates behaviors and what contributes to the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. The knowledge that you will get from this book will help you create a motivating and highly rewarding environment for you sales team to thrive

Jon - by thesalesgiant
I think there is not one answer. You have individual people who have individual motivations. Time, Freedom, Money are all great motivators. But not everybody is interested in all of those items. - by JustAskPatrick
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