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Buying Decision Processes

Do you believe the items listed below are actual decision making processes undertaken by consumers involved in complex decisions which for many could be buying real estate, car, etc.?
  1. (Need Recognition) ...customers recognizing a perceived need that they want to do something about.
  2. (Information Search) ...customers receiving the specific information they need to feel comfortable making a purchase?
  3. (Evaluation of Alternatives) ...customers making sense of and evaluating the information they have gathered, from you and other sources, relating to this potential purchase?
  4. (Purchase Decision) ...customers deciding on whether they should indeed make a purchase AND deciding on which vendor/solution is their best option if they do purchase?
  5. (Purchase) ...customers taking action (purchasing) now?
  6. (Post-purchase Evaluation) ...customers evaluating satisfaction resulting from purchase (i.e.; Did I receive the benefits I was expecting?).
- by Community Mailbox
ABSOLUTELY! In my opinion, understanding Buying Decision Processes such as those outlined above is a primary key to successful selling in many sales arenas.

I do have a few more topics (i.e.; Attention, Interest, Intention, etc.) and richer descriptions in my outline of Buying Decision Processes because I believe it provides a fuller picture of what I believe happens in the buyer's private reality regarding decision making processes (fully aware that the map is not the territory).

In my mind a solid understanding of "Buying" is required for those who want to master the art of "Selling". - by Jeff Blackwell
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