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An unusual idea

This may not be the best place to ask this question, but here goes anyway. Although I am a very quiet person and far from the typical sales type, an idea occurred to me recently that might be worth trying.
There seems to be big demand out there for stuffed animals. I thought of buying one or two of the animals online , a small panda and a small polar bear to start. I already have a wholesale supplier lined up. I could sell these stuffed animals anywhere, on the street or just meeting people in the normal course of a day. I will sell to one or two people at a time, keep a low profile to avoid any hassles with the authorities, and get a permit if it becomes necessary. I could even do this while traveling around and have the supplier ship the stuffed animals to UPS, Fed EX offices, etc.
If I just introduce myself, show them what I have, price them inexpensively, let's say ten dollars or so, they will decide right then and there if they want them and pay cash. If the demand is there (the economy being a big question mark on that ), I might be able to do well, although I look at this as a part time way to make some money on the side. Any suggestions or advice on this ?

Bill - by aberdeen
To briefly continue with this, I do realize that selling stuffed animals outside of the regular channels - stores, online, etc may never have been tried before. It's possible that a lot of people wouldn't consider making the effort to buy them in the usual way, although if someone such as myself showed them an attractive animal at a good price they might buy them, if they are having a bad day so as to cheer them up, or if they are having a good day and feel they deserve to enjoy themselves. Who doesn't like stuffed pandas or ploar bears ? I will do it very low profile so as to minimize any objections or hassles from anyone.
I will keep them in a car, or a duffel bag while walking around, and basically have them hold the animals, name my (reasonably low) price, and it's all up to them if they want to buy. I am not a salesman type so I realize I have to keep my approach quite simple. I am sure there will be complications and problems doing this, so I would appreciate any type of feedback you can offer. - by aberdeen
There is a twenty minute time limit so that's why I have done multiple posts here. I am not generally "good' with people, at least in casual conversation or in groups, so the less I talk the better. Should I just have them see, touch, and hold the stuffed animals, and then tell them the price ,or tell them the price first? I don't want to overwhelm them with information, especially since they are not expecting me in the first place to come up and talk to them, although it seems to me to be a generally low pressure, feel good situation all round in my trying to sell the animals. To reduce the overload factor. I will sell either one animal or two at the most at any particular time. - by aberdeen
First, I am of the opinion that "DEMAND" for specific goods and services is a CRUCIAL piece of information that must be part of the decision making process of what goods and services to sell and should not be guessed at or assumed.

Second, the approach you described is "peddling" in the true sense of the word. Depending on distribution models for similar products in your area you could be heading down a dead-end road.

Third, assuming that demand is high for what you are offering and people in your target area respond favorably to peddling you still have to prospect and sell in sufficient quantities to make it worth your while. Most likely your production will be greatly influenced by your skill levels in those two areas. - by Jeff Blackwell

Thanks for your feedback. I am definitely going to try this, although it could very well not be too successful. I will just buy a few stuffed animals to start, so if it doesn't work, I will just chalk it up to experience and find something else to do to make money
I could easily be going down a dead -end and, as of right now, I don't know the demand for the animals, but will be finding out soon. It's quite possible that the demand will be much higher in c