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Calling a FOR SALE BY OWNER (FSBO) Real estate

To start they are hostile when you call them, they specifically say agents please do not call!

My script in the begging works good, ultimate goal to set a appointment with them and list their home. After my opener it all goes to bad.


Hi is this ___

Hi name this is ____ with company name, how are you doing today?


I was calling to see how much you are offering commission to the buyers agent (curve ball)

they either say a $ amount or %tage, or what do you mean? then I explain.

After they answer that I'm not sure where to go with it, what im doing now is asking if they ahve considered using a agent and they generally say no or have some excuse and hangup quickly as possible.

Any help would be appreciated

Best Regards,

Richard. - by richardgale
Hello Richard. IMO, if you are serious about pursuing FSBO/Expireds then I would suggest you check out Jerry Bresser's "List More, Sell More" training. - by Jeff Blackwell
Jeff thank you for your quick reply. There are a couple people in the field that are known for their training but right now money is a little tight and I can't spend the $200 + dollars hoping they have the information I need. Thats why I'm hoping to get as much help as possible from this forum that seems to be filled with proffesionals.

Best Regards, - by richardgale
Regarding your script; I would get rid of "How are you doing today?" and get to the point, "Hi, I saw your ad is the home still for sale?"

Assuming the home is still for sale, my next question would be, "Are you cooperating with real estate?" [Thank you Jerry Bresser] not "I was calling to see how much you are offering commission to the buyers agent." Both questions may be perceived as a "curve ball" however they can communicate two different messages (ie; cooperation vs commission).

If, after explaining what you mean, the Seller is willing to allow you to show his/her home to qualified buyers then your next step is to schedule a time for you to view the home.

If after viewing the home and speaking with the Seller(s) you decide the opportunity (seller, home, terms, etc.) is one you want to pursue then go into your FSBO presentation. This assumes you conducted your FSBO interview while touring the home of course.

On a different note; I can appreciate your concern regarding investing in training that may/may not have the information you seek.

With that being said, I will be the first to admit that while you can often find great insight and information in discussion threads like this they should not take the place of structured learning and education.

As a real estate broker I strongly recommend all agents involved in listing homes find a way to secure and learn Jerry Bresser's real estate listing training. - by Jeff Blackwell
Ok well, I just feel wrong if I'm calling and fronting as if I have a buyer then going over there and trying to get the listing (if I end up wanting the listing) - by richardgale
Ok well, I just feel wrong if I'm calling and fronting as if I have a buyer then going over there and trying to get the listing (if I end up wanting the listing)
I strongly recommend that you be honest and ethical in all your dealings. IMO, acting as if you have a buyer when you do not is dishonest an unethical.

Know the Inventory: The idea is not to give the Seller the impression that you have a buyer. The idea is to determine whether or not the Seller is willing to work with you IF you could find a qualified buyer for his/her home. If the Seller agrees to the idea then you view the home to get an idea of the features, condition, etc. so that you can tell potential buyers about home if/when necessary.

Many private sellers (FSBO) sooner or later will enlist the services of a real estate agent to represent them in the sale of their home. You increase the probability of that agent being you when you have met, helped, and stayed in contact with the Seller. - by Jeff Blackwell
Hi Richard,

I've had a real estate license since 1978 and have read Jerry Bresser - excellent.

If you're calling on FSBOs, they're in your market area.

Best idea is to go in person.

Meet them, be understanding, don't sell anything.

C. Charles Chatham - the art of real estate counseling - emphasized - people cannot resist the genuine interest of another.

It sound counter intuitive - you're there because you want the listing, but you need to put their interests before your own to succeed.

Just understand how they're doing. The idea is to be helpful, friendly, professional and persistent, so if and when they become discouraged - you're there.

Bresser's idea was the FSBO doesn't have access to most sources of buyers - the job transfer, the MLS listing, and so forth, plus there are legal complexities and required disclosures.

Just let them know you're in the business and like to keep current. You understand they want to sell the home themselves.

If you do buyer broker agreements, you can actually show and sell FSBOs.

Daniel Dreifus - by Daniel Dreifus
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