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Salesgenie, Jigsaw, or other

I have been building a list for some email and calling campaigns I intend to run next year. I have been using Manta to do this manually (slow process). I am interested in purchasing lists to automate this process. My high level criteria is B2B, manufacturing (pick by SIC codes), and a 2 state territory.

I have become aware of SalesGenie and Jigsaw. They both seem very similar to me. SalesGenie seems to be a fraction of the price per downloaded record, but they lock you into a year long subscription. Jigsaw allows you to get credits for uploading contacts (something doesn't seem right about that to me).

Can anyone give me some feedback about these systems? Thank you. - by deandm
Have you looked at InfoUSA? Most local libraries offer off-line access to this database that is powered by Reference USA. The database is constantly updated, there are tons of ways to target accounts and the information provided is great. Best of all, it's 100% free. - by mnall
We recently bought a list from Jigsaw and found that a high percentage of the records were faulty. Many of the names are no longer with the listed companies. Also, many direct dial telephone numbers are wrong, or no longer in service.

Jigsaw is willing to give a credit for each wrong listing. However, our time is too valuable to keep records of the listings that are wrong and apply for the credits. - by JacquesWerth
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