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Marketing without using company name

I currently work for ADT Security. They allow us to market in any way we would like but cannot use their logo or their name. ie. i am able to use an identical blue hexagon sign, but it cannnot contain the letters ADT in the middle...

I would like to start a campaign to put my self out there as there is very little competition and the territory has never been a focus of any compeditor.

Has anyone in any industry run into a similar situation? If so what worked for you? If not im open to ideas! - by TSteves1
Hi Steves,

Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.

This situation may help you do something very similar to private labeling (may or may not be exactly that) of their product and sell in your own name, at least to start with. You can find out if you could make use of their client list and testimonials to sell.

The initial selling may be a little difficult, but you'll have your turf guarded for the long term, as you are promoting in your own name. For whatever reason, if you sell their competitor products later, you won't have to start ground up.

Internet marketing could help you significantly.

Have I answered your question?

Ganesan. - by ezynes
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