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Call cycle plan

I am looking at untertaking and maintaining a regular call cycle plan as a rep for a company that distributes to retail and oem markets.

I was after some advice on how to go about this, I am hoping to get a few different bits of advice so that I can evaluate them to see how they will suit my purpose. - by fprjet
Have you been assigned a territory?

By "call", do you mean teleselling, or in-person contacts? - by Gary A Boye
Since you were very nonspecific in your description, here are some general tips.

[1] Each Call (contact) should have a specific and slightly different Script so you're NOT using something lame like "I'm just calling to touch bases to see if you need anything".

[2] Each Call (contact) should offer them Something of Value such as a success story within their Industry or a Sales or Marketing Tip, etc. Give them a reason to look foward to your contacts.

[3] Always try to gather at least 1 additional piece of information about their needs, wants, desires, etc. which might help you make a Sale in the future.

[4] Always ask what else you and/or your Company can do to become even more valuable and possibly offer 1 or more suggestions.

I hope this helps. - by Stan Billue
Sorry inperson.

Calling on major retailer already on account and asking for orders. Approx 150 stores. Ie Harvey norman, Good guys, etc. On the road rep. - by fprjet
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