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Hitting the rookie wall

I have read a lot of things on this site today and it seems like people on here really know what they are talking about so here goes nothing.

I work in the Medicare supplement insurance field which is an extremely price sensitive and competitive market. One of the advantages of working in this market is that you really do not need to create need in the customer, but rather convince them to sign with my company. As far as the industry goes we are on the high end of pricing, but offer services that other similar companies do not.

For the most part I have been having success in educating people about the differences between the different types of products companies, and I even go as far as educating them on what the Medicare program actually does as a stand alone program. (many of them have no idea and find this useful).

I have had up and down success meeting with people but lately I have just hit this wall and my boss is breathing down my neck. What maddened me even more and caused me to start looking at different approaches etc was the fact that I had a closing set for this morning and the lady called me at 8 pm last night to cancel at the last minute for no apparent reason and told me she was going to do it with a person from my company that never even met her face to face but is a little more "experienced".

Sorry if I went on a bit but i figured I would explain as much of my situation as possible. I am a very introspective person and after appointment I think about the pros and cons of that appointment as many of them are more than one appointment sales due to the fact that so many seniors want to explore as many options as possible.

I am 25 years old (look young for my age), I run very smooth appointments, I am courteous, On time, and extremely knowledgeable and well kept for my appointments. I do not act desperate and I do my best to listen to what the prospect is saying and try to find the best solution that fits them. I ask questions, use their surrounding (usually at their home) to try and find common ground/small talk with the person, etc. Most of my people have active nice conversations with me, Appear to appreciate the product, and appear to understand what I am talking about. but when it comes to closing time they will give me the usual reasons (which I am ok with) but a lot of the time they just seem to say no and not willing to tell me why.

This leads me to believe that many of them are scared by the fact that there is such an age gap. Its like when I walk in they already have dismissed all credibility that I may have by simply looking at me ( i can even see it on some of their faces)

has anyone here started at this age in a fickle market like this?

and if so what did you do to overcome this?

I am not absolving myself from mistakes or misreading people sometimes, but it just seems that after so much looking withing and analyzing and thinking about it that is the most logical reason I can think of. Maybe I am just terrible at sales. - by the123kid
Maybe I am just terrible at sales.
I read your complete post and am too impressed with your communications skills and observation traits to believe you lack ability. My instincts, which I seldom share here regarding another individual, tell me that you could have an excellent future in sales.

To answer your question--Yes, I know of a few VERY successful people who started with the very same obstacles and resistance that you describe.

What did they do to overcome it? Total, relentless focus. A novice is a novice and everybody has to start there. What you don't want is to become a practiced novice, often misnomered as intermediate.

Those are the questions you asked. Those are the answers. If you have more questions I'll help any way I can. - by Gary A Boye
Im in alarm sales and although there isnt always the age gap issue that your bringing up it is an extremly compeditive industry and not uncommon to sell one day and find the next that your customer has cancelled to go with another company. One of the best things i feel to do is prep the customer for other sales reps before they come.