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Your price is too high.

buyer: Your price is too high?
seller: Compared to what? - by SalesCoach
What price were you expecting? - by Agent Smith
  • If our price was lower would you place an order today?
  • Please define price.
  • How much too high?
  • How much lower does my price need to be?
- by WobblyBox
Is that not the price range your looking for? - by BossMan
Is your decision based on price alone? - by Iceman
Why do you say that? - by usakr
You are concerned with the price, is there any other concern?

1.) do not handle the objection re the price, continue to determine other objections until the buyer has told you all his concern
2.) Next is to determine his real objection. granting it's really the price that concerns the buyer, understand his concern by asking Qs ( what, why, where, when, how) listen and let the buyer do the talking. listening as the most important element in selling.
3.) Next is to verify your understanding of his concern making use of your comm skills/ appropriate responses to open the comm line between you and the buyer.
4.) Finally, Restate the Buyer's concern in a manner that you can handle ( Value versus price). Reinforce key customer benefits ( Features = tell, but benefits = sells - by alfredo n. gavino
So you concern about the price, anything else? - by alfredo n. gavino
My price is to high?
Compared to what?
Will price be your only concern.
Can you pay to much for what you like
Quality is rarely cheap and cheap is never quality.
How much to much
Why do you feel it is high?
Our company thought. it would be better to discuss price one time then to discuss an inferior product for ever.
You deserve theh best don't you?
What is great mr prospect, if you do not like this it does not cost you anything.
Mr prospect is it the price to you or cost to you that concerns you. - by rich34232
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