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Top Sales Awards

It is not uncommon for organizations and businesses, large and small, to give out achievement awards and trophies for employee recognition of positive contributions and/or achievements by individuals, teams and various departments. A number of these entities have a "Hall of Fame" honoring their own "Legends" or "Heroes" in the field.

In addition, there are formal and informal peer groups providing achievement awards and recognition within their own member base in the form of awards of excellence or the like in categories such as:
  • Field Sales Executive of the Year
  • Outstanding Sales Person
  • Sales Manager of the Year
Of course, by their vary nature these organizations, businesses, and groups fall into the category of "biased" when it comes to nominations and/or the judging. As an extreme example I have seen at least one group offering sales awards on an annual bases whose media sponsors were also the nominees and members of the judging panel. You can imagine who the winners might be in that scenario.

Compound that with online public voting which can be and often is "gamed" and all bets are off. For illustration purposes, below is part of an email message from a contestant in one group's top sales awards.
[Name Removed] is up for 7 Top Sales Awards. Please vote here as much as once an hour (seriously…everyone’s been encouraged to do that, and we’ll need it to win because others will be doing it, for sure)
I am not saying the sales awards results are "gamed" for that specific group but it does make me wonder.

Are there any "unbiased" entities, not peer groups or employers, recognized for rewarding excellence in selling, sales or similar preferably on a national or international level? - by Community Mailbox
Recognition from employers and/or peers for a job well done can be rewarding and should not be overlooked assuming of course that the recognition is warranted and the contest is on the up and up. Think about it, what value would a self-respecting individual find in the hollow victory that comes from winning a rigged contest? None, unless of course he or she was someone enamored with false praise.

With that being said, if you are looking for what many people in the profession of selling view as an unbiased source of "public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and business people worldwide" then I would recommend checking out the StevieŽ Awards as they are the most recognized and coveted awards in the profession of selling by most people's standards.

In regards to your concern about unbiased nominations and judging; (1) "All sales professionals, teams, and departments worldwide are eligible to be nominated in the StevieŽ Awards" and (2) "The American Business Awards are judged each year by more than 200 executives nationwide". Paul Tharp of the New York Post called the Stevie's "the business world's own Oscar Awards". - by Jeff Blackwell
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