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Please post your response(s) to: "We're satisfied with our current... provider, supplier, vendor, etc." - by Community Mailbox
What do you like most about your current...? What would you like to see changed? - by SalesCoach
"Okay. May I call you back in a few months or when you tell me to and see if things have changed?" - by MitchM
When you say satisfied can I interpret that to mean that there is room for improvement? - by Agent Smith
Let me ask you this, how long has it been since you last compared your current provider's program with other reputable companies offering similar or better programs? - by SalesGuy
Mr. Buyer, we'd like the opportunity to earn your business by showing you why [your product or service] might be the best solution for your particular needs. The next time you're wanting [your product or service], in addition to your current supplier, would you be willing to hear what we have to offer? - by BossMan
If the situation came up where another company could offer a better program would you be open to competition? - by AZBroker
What is it about doing business with your current supplier that you like most?

What is it that you like the least? Why is that important? - by SalesGuy
If you believed that another company had a better solution to increase production, reduce costs, and improve productivity would you continue to use your current provider? - by Liberty
I understand how you feel.

Other companies that were satisfied found that they were quite interested in a new solution once offered a second opinion.

Let's assess your current situation, make a comparison and then you can decide if you are really satisfied or just settling...you should keep your options open...you may be passing up the opportunity for something better. - by mastamel
"Thanks so much for telling me that satisfaction is important to you!

Almost all of my customers told me they were satisfied with their current supplier when I first spoke with them, just as you and I are speaking today.

The reason they eventually decided to switch from the supplier that they were satisfied with to me was that I was able to show them how they could become even more satisfied - and I'd like to show you the same thing. All I need is fifteen minutes of your time to show you how you can become super-satisfied instead of just satisfied, and after our meeting, you can simply tell me "yay" or "nay"; Would you like to get together next week or this week? - by Skip Anderson
Please post your response(s) to: "We're satisfied with our current... provider, supplier, vendor, etc."
Me: that's great, how long have you been with them? was there improvement with them over what you were getting before them? have you decided that improvement stops there, that there could never be further improvement from another vendor? - by PuffyMac1970
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