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Success in Selling: You just need the right book!

As a salesperson, do you feel you would experience more success in selling if you had access to better information about professional selling and how to sell? - by Community Mailbox
Selling is experiential. It's a combo of knowledge and knowing. Knowledge of what works, what doesn't and knowing how to act and react. Trainers and authors over complicate selling, there's always a silver bullet approach that is guaranteed to help any sales person in any sales position over achieve revenue quota's. I have yet to read a sales manual that doesn't follow this rule. Ok, that may be a slight exaggeration but essentially there are countless authors making a fantastic living out of seminars and training courses off the back of a published piece of work.

I constantly see sales people and business owners being far too over optimistic about their own abilities because they've attended a seminar or a training course or because they are reading a certain author who guarantees exponential results if you follow their guidelines verbatim. This is always a risk in my opinion.

The sales 'community' which consists of pseudo celebrity sales authors pride themselves with rhetoric on their blogs where they congratulate and validate themselves through collaboration with other pseudo-authorities which in my mind does nothing but create fake social proof. What I tend to find quite annoying with many of these people is that their backgrounds and knowledge are questionable. Some of them have little experience of selling in tough markets and in tough times but have the cheek to preach about such stuff, and reading their material is enough to know how credible the author actually is.

Any good old fashioned sales guy worth his salt will see through most of the hype and will ask for a refund. A good example of this is Sales 2.0, most sales people, me included have been using what is out there for years, adopting what is available to create quality leads and relationships.

Having had a very corporate career, I can attest that selling is much easier with a ready made marketing department, a known brand name that opens doors in an instant and having as much hand holding and training and mentoring that I could ever handle as opposed to working in a small firm trying to punch above my weight. This is the market that I believe authors need to tap into, the small businesses that live in a world of catch 22. There a ton of small businesses out there that can no longer afford to compete for the bigger piece of the pie because they can't get the credit facilities, the overdraft or afford to pay the higher commissions even if they can attract the sales talent to begin with.

It takes a lot more than reading a sales author who has sold millions of copies of his latest book, or reading the hottest sales blog to make a splash and close more deals.

All in all, I think it boils down to common sense. There has yet to be a credible piece of literature that tackles a down market where budgets are cut or frozen and oddly enough no book will compete with the on-line forums such as this where people can network with like minded professionals in similar or identical situations for knowledge. Ironically these are the very places where authors gather their intelligence for the next best-seller. - by mine99
Interesting question. When I first started in sales I was given a set of Audio tapes by a mentor. I thought “Oh please, this is stupid.” But I listened anyway. A few key concepts from those tapes changed my life.
· Never stop training, consumers get smarter, you better also.
· If you are afraid to tell people you are in Sales get out now.
· Sales is hard, if it was easy everyone would be doing it.
That was in Brian Tracy’s Psychology of Selling. I realized that I could learn something from these training books and seminars.
Now I tell salespeople to read everything they can and take from each what applies to them and speaks to them. I also say re-read all of your old stuff as well, you can always use a crash course in the basics. I have some books that I totally disagree with everything they say, but I know what they are saying and that prepares me to deal with competitors who might use those techniques. So often today I buy a new book only to find it is the same principals I have read in 50 other books. But I buy it anyway and try to keep my self reminded daily of the methods not just the end goal.
Bottom line- whether it is books, videos, seminars, blogs, or forums like this, go get all the knowledge you can. Then make sure you understand it and learn how to use it. Selling is fun! (even more fun when you are Great at it!) - by tw5270
As a salesperson, do you feel you would experience more success in selling if you had access to better information about professional selling and how to sell?
IMO, access to the best information possible is of great importance. After all, "Garbage In, Garbage Out".

With that being said, "Information" alone is not enough.

You could have access to the best information on the planet but experience no benefit because of:
  • Incorrect perceptions (i.e.; functional illiteracy, personal wishes, expectations)
  • Incorrect processing of information (i.e.; lack of competence, reasoning habits, wishful thinking)
  • Lack of application; "Knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action, and directed to a definite end." - Napoleon Hill
- by Jeff Blackwell
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