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Is Pharma Really Sales?

I recently came across a blog post titled, "Is Pharma Really Sales?" where the blogger was suggesting that pharma is not sales and that pharmaceutical sales reps don't really sell.

Below are three quotes from the blog post that caught my eye.
"Sorry, but you don’t really sell. If you did, a doctor would buy a big box of meds from you, cut you a check and you would get a percentage. But that that doesn’t happen now does it?"
"In a way, pharma reps sell like second graders – which is a good thing. Pharma reps really do serve their customers by providing tools and great knowledge. But that’s where the Second Grade Selling ends, because there is no deal closing of any sort. No pharmaceutical rep on the planet has ever walked out of a doctor’s office with a check."
"So what is a pharmaceutical sales rep or someone who wants to be one to do? First, open your eyes to the reality of the job. You will be in a stable industry, but one that won’t teach you closing skills you can easily take into other arenas."
Do you agree with the blogger on these points? - by Community Mailbox
If you consider most pharma reps then I would somewhat agree. Many of them run into a doctors office drop samples and get a signature and leave. They may get a 30 to 45 second to pass along any additional knowledge while