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I'm too busy...

Please post your response(s) to: "I'm too busy... to talk, meet, etc." - by Community Mailbox
I don't want to waste your time or mine so before I schedule a time to call you back let me ask you this, is it a priority for you to [probable/specific interest or problem] this quarter? - by SalesGuy
I imagine that you say that because you do want to hear what I have to say but time doesn't permit. Is that right? Okay, when is a good time? - by WobblyBox
When do you see that changing? - by BossMan
I'm too busy... to talk, meet, etc."

Look at your watch, ignore him wait 3 seconds, say

"By my reckoning its time we ate [had a break] [went for tea]
[stopped work] how about we go together, I wanted to ask your advice about ---------------- --------------- and xyx. And by the way what did you think about Crucible Steels Incs, new trade offer, I was surprised at the editorial write up they got, why they didn't even have our equpment untl four months ago, I can remember when we installed it, what a ........................ add ..........

Your now taking him through the woods, past the lake, avoiding the crocodiles, but don't forget to point out the rainbow just around the corner ----- he's knows your kidding him a bit, but don't you think that he / her secretly wants his/ her own staff to behave like you, to copy your unperturbed at every thing - cocky ways......... hit him with it, this guys goining to buy or sit down and have a chat. then sell him ..... - by Incidentally
I understand about being busy. In less than two minutes I can tell you what I'm offering. After that you can decide if you want to talk more. Do you want to invest those two minutes now or should we schedule for another time? - by Liberty
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