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How do you respond when someone asks for a business card?

When you are in a face to face interaction with a prospect during a cold call and they ask you for a business card how do you respond?

Do you immediately give them a card and let them run away?

Do you try to continue the conversation?

Often when someone asks for a business card that is a polite way of them telling you no. - by cs80918
I look at my business cards in two ways.
1. An easy way to deliver/track my contact information.

2. A reminder of who I am, and what I do. They may be politely telling me 'No' when asking for my card but as long as they keep it they will have my name and contact info flash in front of them occasionally.

Generally speaking if I'm making a 'pitch' it's because I have been invited to. If I'm giving out a business card it's because I may or may not have something they want.

Cards are like any other marketing; it's a numbers game. Often when getting a referral you don't need a card - you have already been talked about through your referral. Of course it's good to have for after the meeting when you can use it for reason #1.

I don't hand out my cards for the sake of handing them out however. If I'm at a networking event and they say "ok, go!" I generally don't hand out a card until I've spoken with someone long enough to get an idea of what they really do, and vice versa. Otherwise your card is just land-fill.


Kevin - by KTjia
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