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Are there any Television Advertising Executives out there who can help a young TV Ad Exec. in selling and closing? What methods have worked for the medium, and subsequently what do not work? Thanks! - by TSizzle
Hello, I'm sorry I just saw this thread. I spent over 20 years in radio and TV advertising (mostly radio) and then 10 years in NBA sports sponsorships, including building a regional television network and selling all the commercials.

Television is a "show medium." (Newspaper and radio generally are more audience-centric overall)

The biggest challenge is to match up the demographic group of the show with the target demographic of the shows your pick for the advertiser's schedule. You should have resources through your station to determine both of these.

If you have a hand in the creative, try to understand the key element (unique selling proposition) the advertiser offers the target audience to which they may respond.

Most TV ads are junk saying nothing important to anyone. Just like most advertising. When was the last time an appropriate ad "spoke" to you?

For smaller (often direct) advertisers, pick a show that meets their target, influence the client to create a relevant ad, and then place at least one ad in every target show.

Because the core show viewers are the same largely homogeneous group of people, the ad in each show will have a good bang for the buck.

Always remember, it's not about what the advertiser wants to say. It the USP that appeals to the target audience which is most important.

If I can help in any other way, please let me know. By the way, I remember the first ad schedule I ever sold in TV. It was to a truck dealer who - on the first call - bought an ad on every episode of a new showing starting on ABC the next season. The show was, "The Wide World of Sports" which went on to become one of the most popular shows ever aired on network television.

Tsizzle, TV has some major challenges these days as an advertising medium, but it's still a great force. Enjoy everyday working in show business. (Or is that all sales?)

Good luck. - MM - by magicman
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