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Cold Calling Script Help for Newbie

Hello Everyone,
First post here but plan on visiting regularly for all my sales questions and perhaps even have some answers for others in the future.

I started at a very unique job selling hosted predictive dialers, I am expected to cold call companies off of craigslist etc that would potentially use the product, I wasnt given any kind of proven scripts that would be beneficial during a cold call so I was hoping for some help from the seasoned veterans on this site. So far this is what I came up with.

The key benefits include
Increasing the businesses telemarketing contact ratio
Remotely managing agents from anywhere
Pulling reports on the work flow of the dialer
Most importantly Increasing Sales

I haven't been very successful at creating a script and the few I have tried where a disaster it seemed. The main goal isn't to sell the prospect but just to get them to view a short demo via webinar(shared desktop view) and show them the actual software.

I usually lead off with:

Can I speak to the person in charge of your marketing please? My name is ______ with a company called ABC and we specialize in predictive dialers that will actually increase your contact ratio, allow you to manage your sales team remotely from anywhere, and pull detail work flow reports with the click of a button... Does your company do any type of outbound marketing? If they say yes I usually try and get them into a demo webinar which is really where our product sells or doesn't....

This was my first attempt at writing a script so its very bad I know and I haven't got any demos with it yet. If anyone can help me out I would much appreciate it. - by lucstrato
I'm glad you wrote this question. It's good practice for me personally to review this topic occassionaly. If advice is what you're looking for here it goes (I may be wrong, and often am, but I consider myself good at cold calling for one reason and that is persistence). Also a good script helps: first identify the decision maker, "I'm not sure if you're the right person to talk to, but was hoping to have a couple of minutes to explain why I called, and you decide if we should go on from there (pause)." "Great, I don't know if what we do would help your business grow, but I'd love to sit down with you for a few moments to learn more about your business and see if we might make a good fit for eachother" (pause). "Great! Pull out your calendar and let's see what day works best". (Take control!). "I have an availability in my busy schedule to meet with you next Tuesday at 9am, does thay work for you?". "I'm writing it down in permanent ink, and you should too". - by TSizzle
The script of TSizzle sounds good, but I'd add an Initial Benefit Statement before saying anything else; for example, "I'm (or my company is) in the business of assisting businesses increase their profits", when we sell internet Marketing services, and the prospect would be interested in it.

Ganesan. - by ezynes
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