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Should I be Looking for a New Job?

I relocated for a coveted sales position with my company about seven months ago but now I am wondering if I probably need to start thinking about an alternate plan. Below are some things that make me think the answer is "yes".

1. My company started an "experiment" this year in which they cut a large chunk of our East Coast Field Staff and is now having these territories managed by inside reps.

2. I am constantly competing with inside reps within my own territory. There are reps specializing in each one of the products I sell calling on my firms relentlessly.

3. Up until last year if a new customer went to our company website and typed in their zip us field reps would come up but now only an inside contact will be listed. As a matter of fact even if an existing customer calls in they may not be told they have a field representative.

4. Since being in the field can be extremely time consuming we used to have a staff of appointment setters. They were all laid off.

5. Managers seem much more stressed and are constantly worried about our numbers more than usual. - by kenpo1980

I strongly think so. Appears a no-brainer.

All the best,

Ganesan. - by ezynes
Hello friend.

No 2 would be enough for me.They have no respect for you buddy.thmbdn2;
Lots of luck Pete - by smashy
Thanks for the responses to this. What's odd is that I am so used to this situation that I feel like I am crazy for asking these questions. It just is the norm in my company and why many representatives find it frustrating people don't say anything because they know this is just the way it is right now. - by kenpo1980
I appreciate that this thread is now closed. However I had a similar experience in a previous position. However as I wasn't able to secure another role, I had to stay till I was made redundant.

Leaving was the best thing I done tho - by joeybside
Thanks for the response and it is fairly timely because my territory was just restructured.

I have kept my job, and I no longer compete with inside reps, but I have essentially lost the type of accounts that madee up probably 90% of my territory geographically. I now handle only larger accounts, which was spun as a good thing, but the reality is that most of these accounts have been sold to the hilt so getting anything new in will be a long shot and probably takes months of relationship building.

And even though we have to deal with a much longer sales cycle ,and we all have territories that have been substantially modified leaving very little pipeline, our quotas have been increased by 20% per month. No ramp, no nothing.

Knowing the way companies operate today they probably calculated that most of us will only come in somewhere between 80 and 90% when we get going so it will reduce bonus pay outs but still hit whatever the real financial goals actually are. I am sure the are anticipating a lot of attrition as a result of this new structure.

I am starting to look for a new job at this point. - by kenpo1980
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