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Trial Close

Please post your scripts for: "Trial Close." - by Jeff Blackwell
If you had to choose between the trucks that you've seen so far which one would you go with? - by Calvin
I have to kind of take a step back here. The problem with this question to me is - the expression TRIAL CLOSE itself, what it means.

If I am to try and close, that close may come after a benefit is accepted, where I believe I have seen a strong buying signal, so I try it. What makes it a trial close?

Take Calvin's example, that ends in "which one would you go with?" or could have been stated a slightly hundred different ways, like "which one do you prefer?"

Is that a trial close? Or is it a close? This is really a trick question, as it is a close if the prospect names one of the trucks because you simply say; "Well, let's get the paperwork done so you can be driving that awesome vehicle sooner than latter!"

To me they are both closing questions. The one Calvin provided and the follow up I just provided. To understand perhaps we should quote arguably the greatest closer who ever lived who said, in response to the question "what is a closing question" ... "Any question the answer to which confirms the prospect bought!"

A trial close is only a trial really if they they do not confirm by answer that they have made a decision.

A trial close then is just a close. We are really getting into semantics when we try to say that one is different than the other - they only differ depending on which way the prospect goes. The real meat of the matter is we are trying to get it done and we need to ask to find out what the prospect is thinking.

Re-read what J. Douglas Edwards said about what a closing question is;

"Any question the answer to which confirms the prospect bought!"

I expect Jeff will post this thread because I did ad a script but I think it is important to remember what the definition of a close is. Once you do the expression TRIAL CLOSE is a less than perfect way of referri9gn to a closing attempt that did not confirm that the prospect was ready to go ahead, which let's us proceed with finding out why not.

It is the end goal that matters. That we help a buyer buy what they need, that we get ourselves out of the way and help the prospect stay out of the way too, so there is a chance that it will go ahead. - by Gold Calling
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