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Simply Ask - Direct Close

Please post your scripts for the "Simply Ask" close: - by Jeff Blackwell
Folks if you'll just initial this form here and here we,ll get the project rolling for you. - by klozerking
Do you want to do this? - by Gary Boye
What would you like me to do now? - by Liberty
Shall we go ahead then? - by marky
I have an install crew available Tuesday, will that be good for you? - by sellin4alivin
[Notwithstanding my belief that "the close" is in the initiation of a positive contact from the beginning of the first question] "So these are all your options. Do you know how you want to get started?

Mitch - by MitchM
I personally like to remind those who think that a CLOSE is the whole sale, that the whole sale leads up to it and is integral to the close but not the same as asking for the order, which if not done will lead to less sales, period. The definition of a close that I liked best was the one by J. Douglas Edwards;

Any question the answer to which confirms the prospect bought.

My favorite is;

Is there anything else that you need to hear that would make you feel more comfortable about going ahead with my recommendation?

If the answer is NO, then it is a YES (assumed to be). - by Gold Calling
what color do you want?
Is tuesday or friday best for you
How many do you want?
Do you want this or that
Is that check credit card or cash
How about we go ahead and get this done. - by rich34232
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