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Buyer Expectations in Selling

It has been suggested that in selling situations:

"Each party enters the interaction with certain expectations for his own behavior, or role, and for the behavior of the other person. The buyer through his responses to selling effort determines the way the salesman will behave in the selling situation." -Webster Jr. & Wind

Do you believe buyers have expectations for the salesperson's behavior? If so, how do you suggest salespeople meet and/or exceed these expectations? - by Community Mailbox

My take on this:

(i) Buyer erects a guard just when sitting down to talk. A simple way to make him/ her drop the guard is to make the buyer do the talking first. Open ended and close-ended probing with keen observation and notes taking makes the buyer look at you with professional respect. Since almost everyone likes to hear his/ her own voice, by letting them talk, you make them like you. Overall, they drop the guard at least to some extent.

(ii) Be honest, and don't lie. In the process, you'll end up accepting (preferably volunteering) at least some of your product's/ service's limitations/ weaknesses. Very few salespeople do this. This will make the buyer accept the rest of your assertions. You may lose a few orders, but get more.

Ganesan. :~) - by ezynes
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