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What Is the State of Sales 2.0?

Would you agree with the following suggestion regarding the buying behavior of businesses?

"Let's say you want to buy a new laptop, netbook, refrigerator, or automobile. Doesn't nearly everyone start on the Web? You do a search and a thorough reading others' endorsements and product facts. As you visit various websites you often narrow down your choice or come to the exact item you want. Right?

Businesses are doing the same thing -- they are doing their own research, unlike the "old days" (pre-Sales 2.0) when they might engage vendors to come in and offer information, ideas, demos, and maybe even trial contracts. Not anymore."
- by Community Mailbox
In my opinion, that quote appears to suggest a naive generalization of organizational buying behavior.

As Webster Jr./Wind pointed out: "Organizational buying is therefore a complex process of decision making and communication, which takes place over time, involving several organizational members and relationships with other firms and institutions. It is much more than the simple act of placing an order with a supplier."

It is reasonable to expect that members of the buying center will be accessing the Internet for the purpose of conducting Buying related research. However, it is not reasonable to expect that such research in general will supplant engaging vendors who can offer information, ideas, demos, and maybe even trial contracts.

See... The Future of Selling - by Jeff Blackwell

Also, it is product driven as you know.

Take a refrigerator. I would first want to know what brand can be delivered to my home. No sense in finding exactly what I want 3 states away with a delivery fee of several hundred dollars tacked on.

Next, how would it look in my kitchen. We now have a "feeling" issue and how often do pictures fail to communicate the "sense" of the item.

Most importantly is money. I need to talk to someone who knows the differences in performance and price between different models before making a decision. Then apply a hierarchy to that list of considerations.

A computer is different. They are functional items with few surprises. Still, I have bought my computers on-line only after discussing my options with my computer tech.

I cannot recall buying anything without others involved somewhere in the process. - by John Voris
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